What is UMF® Manuka Honey?

What is manuka honey and where is it from? What is UMF?

Why eat UMF® Manuka Honey?

Superfood – Find out why manuka honey is a superfood. Why do we eat this?

Manuka Honey Uses in what condition?

What health conditions can manuka honey helps you?

Which UMF® number is For Me?

Which UMF should you eat? UMF 5+, 10+, 15+ or 20+?

How to eat Manuka Honey correctly?

How do I eat manuka honey properly to get the best health benefit? How many times a day?

How to store honey and expiry date tips

How do I store manuka honey? And is the expiry date important?

UMF® Official Endorsement vs Other Misleading Labels

UMF official vis other misleading labels – beware of fake “manuka honey”

UMF® Manuka Honey Licensee

UMF manuka honey licensee and what brands Honeycity.com carries.