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Manuka Honey Uses in what conditions?

Manuka Honey Uses- a Super Food

The results of the Dresden scientific studies show that manuka honey is a super food and it can be regarded as a medical food. Manuka honey can used in a wide range of applications from internal consumption such as stomach ulcers and mouth diseases to external applications that treat wound infections and/or skin conditions.

manuka honey uses

manuka honey uses

Here are some of the conditions that Manuka Honey has been known to have a great impact on:

Internal UsesExternal Uses

Poor Immune System
Stomach Ulcer
Stomach Pain
Gum Disease
Acid Reflux Disease
Aches and Pains
Sore Throat
Poor health
Get Sick Easily
Improves Sleep

Athlete’s Foot
Ring Worm
Insect Bites
Acne and Rosacea
Eczema and Dermatitis
MRS/ Staph Infections
Chronic Wounds
Pressure Sores
Surgical Wounds
Cold Sores
Candida Albicans
Nail Fungus
Skin Ulcers

How Manuka Honey can be used
Manuka honey is also marketed for use in many other conditions such as the below:-

  • Preventing and treating cancer
  • Reducing high cholesterol
  • Reducing systemic inflammation
  • Treating diabetes
  • Treating eye, ear, and sinus infections
  • Treating gastrointestinal problems
  • Treating minor wounds and burns

Do note that the honey used to treat wounds is a medical-grade honey. It is specially sterilized and prepared as a dressing. So the jar of manuka honey in the pantry should not be considered part of a first aid kit. Wounds and infections should be seen and treated by a health care professional.


Not all Manuka Honey contains the active ingredient Methylglyoxal.

When seeking the health benefits of Manuka Honey, one must pay great attention at the variety of products available on the Market.

Manuka Honey UMF Logo

Manuka Honey UMF Logo

Rule of thumb: a Manuka Honey label must contain the words UMF followed by a number. If the indication is only active, you are not purchasing the Manuka Honey with significant amounts of Methylglyoxal beneficial to naturally healing several affections. Pls only buy manuka honey from reputable store such as Manuka Honey Singapore

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