How to eat Manuka Honey correctly?


Eat UMF Manuka Honey correctly.

Take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day, before meal. Eat the honey directly from the spoon without mixing into a drink for best effects. Premium manuka honey does not taste too sweet, some has a bitter taste on it.

You may like to drink some water after that to wash down the honey.

Can I use metal spoon or wooden spoon dipper for honey?

You do not need to use wooden spoon for honey, any spoon is fine.

It is a popular marketing myth that metal spoon will spoil honey. Most people would suggest not to use a metal spoon as honey has an acidic pH and reacts with metallic surface. This is true as the reaction may damage and reduce the healing properties of honey.

Frankly, most beekeepers know that using a metal spoon is usually alright. You are dipping and scooping the honey out and the metal will only touch the honey for less than 2 seconds. This has negligible effects. It is only a big no-no to leave a metal spoon in a jar of honey overnight.

manuka honey uses
manuka honey uses

If you are really insistent on non-metal spoon to eat honey correctly, you can just stick to using any wooden, ceramic, or plastic spoons.

Why do New Zealand beekeepers eat honey directly?

New Zealanders beekeepers knows that excellent manuka honey is thick and if you can eat it like ice cream, then it is high quality manuka honey.

Hence, New Zealanders take their manuka honey straight from the spoon, and do not mix it with water. Manuka honey is usually thicker and takes a longer time to mix with water than normal honey. Just scoop it up and eat it.

Some premium manuka honey like Comvita and Kare manuka has a bitter aftertastes, whileas some brands like Taku manuka honey is more sweet and popular with children.

Mixing honey into drinks for children

Many parents like to give manuka honey to their children who may not like to eat it direct due to the strong taste. For the children, you can mix it as a drink for the kids. Mix with room temperature, cold or warm water (Not too hot) to dissolve it, bear in mind that it is thicker and harder to dissolve.

If you like to mix it with toast or crackers as breakfast or snacks, feel free to try.

When can my baby eat honey?

Children can eat honey when they are at least 12 months old.

Honey naturally contain the spores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This does not meant the honey is contaminated. It is natural and harmless to almost all adults and children. Unfortunately, a baby below 12 months old has not developed his digestive and immune system well, and can suffer from ill effects of the bacteria spores- botulism. Honey may cause them sickness or even death. To reduce such risks, it is best to avoid giving any honey to babies.

Babies below 1 year old should avoid all honey, even those “pasteurized” honey as traces of botulism bacteria may still exists.

You can grab these manuka honey from New Zealand or read more about manuka honey in our manuka honey blog.

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