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Taku Kanuka Honey 250g

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Taku Kānuka Honey
New Zealand is renowned for Kānuka Honey. The Kānuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) has a close relative called kanuka (Kunzea ericoides). Manuka is found in wetter, warmer areas than kanuka. Kānuka honey is a lighter colour than manuka honey, but with a similar strong flavour. Kānuka honey is a much more scarce honey variety than manuka as kanuka bushes seldom grow as a monoculture separate to manuka plants. The flavour of Kanuka honey in quite distinctive from manuka honey. It has a crisp, aromatic butterscotch taste with a delightful clean finish on the palate that will leave the tastebuds tingling!
The conditions under which we can paroduce a crop of kanuka honey are very specific: not too dry, not too wet, warm temperatures in early summer, and an absence of competing wildflowers for the attention of our bees. This makes Taku Kānuka honey one of the true artisan honeys!
Discover for yourself why Taku Kānuka honey is considered around the world as liquid gold!

Although kanuka honey is not as well-known internationally as its big cousin manuka, it actually contains more of the “manuka factor” that enhances the antimicrobial (or antiseptic) properties of the honey.
Both these honeys are thought to be so potent at healing infections that many hospitals around the world are now turning to them.

100% pure New Zealand Honey. Get a 250g bottle and try it on your favourite toasts or mix with water for a great refreshing taste!

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