EXTRA STRENGTH Comvita Propolis Softgels

  • best consumed daily for immune health support
  • Suitable for people who suffer from a sleep disorder & prevent arteries from hardening
  • Helps to prevent hair fall, improves memory, anti-aging & improve skin texture


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Feeling weak from work, or old from aging?
Coughing, sneezing or just tired often?

Eager for boosting strength from delicacies?
only QUEENS can eat?


Introducing Comvita Propolis Softgels

Comvita Propolis is Pure + Powerful Immunity Protection. Propolis Extract is one of Comvita’s most popular Bee Propolis products. Available in convenient softgels, it is best consumed daily for its powerful antioxidant benefits and immune health support. Since 1978 Comvita has developed relationships with landowners and land guardians to locate the very best raw propolis for its natural health supplements.



Comvita Propolis is Nature’s Protection System. From the resin of the tree to the hive of the honey bee, nature creates a powerful immunity product for us to reap the benefits of.

>> Helps lower risk of cancer <<
>> Helpful for diabetic patients <<
>> Improves memory <<
>> Helps with sleep disorder <<
>> Improves liver functions <<
>> Regulates blood pressure <<
>> Prevent arteries from hardening <<
>> Improves arthritis condition <<
>> Helps lower cholesterol levels <<
>> Anti-aging <<
>> Improves skin texture <<
>> Prevention of hair fall <<

… and many more!


Comvita’s PFL guarantees the level of bioflavonoids and other phenolics, delivering 15mg of Propolis flavonoids and 107mg of Propolis extract per dose.


Our raw propolis is tested and standardized at our state of the art extraction facility in New Zealand where we capture Propolis in its most pure and potent form.


PFL 15 is an excellent addition to your daily health supplement routine. Take 2 capsules per day.
All Comvita® Propolis goes through a 5-week extraction and purification process, including a minimum of 12 quality tests. In addition, we precisely measure 8 key flavonoids. All of this to provide you with our very best Comvita® Propolis to help support your Immunity.


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PFL15 100cap, PFL30 100capsules


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