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  • Product-ComvitaRoyal JellyProduct-ComvitaRoyal Jelly60cap 2 Month Supply

    Comvita Vitality Royal Jelly Softgel


    >> Helps lower risk of cancer
    >> Helpful for diabetic patients
    >> Improves memory
    >> Helps with sleep disorder
    >> Improves liver functions
    >> Regulates blood pressure
    >> Prevent arteries from hardening
    >> Improves arthritis condition
    >> Helps lower cholesterol levels
    >> Anti-aging
    >> Improves skin texture
    >> Prevention of hair fall

    … and many more!

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    REDCORAL Honey Bee Apitherapy 120ml


    As an aid for the relief of  Rheumatic Pain, minor aches, tired and painful muscles, joints and bones, inflammation and swelling caused by bruises, Lumbago, and Muscular Aches

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